Audio Technica anc9 vs. Bose Qc25- Compare Them Completely

Technica anc9 is noise-canceling headphones that use a specific technology to cancel noise, and the listener enjoys music without distractions. They use electrodes, and every two earpieces collect noise from the environment, and a signal that cancels the unwanted audio is generated. It has memory foam-armed ear cups that are fitted on the ears when listening to music.

Bose qc25 are the latest noise-canceling earphones designed to produce a better sound. They are more comfortable and are easier to use. The music was created so clearly that the listener saw almost every bit of the audio distinctly. They make air traveling enjoyable as the engine roar gently fades away. The listener may be in a noisy environment and still enjoy music peacefully.

This article explains briefly about audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25. It presents detailed information about each and their approximated prices and gives the similarities and differences between audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25. It also describes the usability in terms of performance, accessories, and how they are both designed.

 Comparison table between Audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25

ComparisonAudio Technica anc9Bose qc25
AccessoriesHas a cable that is about 55.99 inches long.It comes with a remote control, an adapter, and a case that will help carry it along.It comes with more accessories such as an adapter. It comes with a crucial case for carrying it, and two detachable cables are also provided. 
PriceApproximately $20.00Approximately $28.25
DesignIt is padded.Smaller ear cups. It is padded.Relatively larger ear cups.
PerformanceHigh-quality audioThe feature requires a battery to operateIt has three noise cancellation modes  High-quality audioThe feature requires a battery to operate.It has a simple active noise cancellation feature.

Differences between Bose qc25 and Audio Technica anc9

audio technica anc9 vs bose qc25
  • Price LinkedIn

Bose qc25 is much more expensive compared to Audio Technica anc9.

  • Design

Audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25 are padded to give a comfortable feel when worn for long hours. They are on-ear types of headphones with small ear cups and press the ears when you wear them, and they fit on the ears more comfortably because of the armed memory foam embedded in them. Bose QC25 headphones’ ear cups cover the ear thoroughly.

  • Performance

The headphones produce audio of high quality, fresh high-pitch, a medium-range solid base that is very accurate. Some come with an active feature for canceling noise, like Bose qc25. The feature works by forming a blockage for the environmental sound when turned on.

It does not specify the strength of the noise cancellation procedure. It must have a battery for it to function. Bose can still work even when the battery power is drained.  

Noise cancellation can be made in different modes, such as audio Technica anc9, which comes with three different modes.  These modes include:

i) Airplane: It is the best mode that is designed to be used by aircraft. It has approximately 29.99decibels of noise attenuation.

ii) Office mode: It has a shallow attenuation frequency, about 30 decibels.

iii) Studied mode: Has approximately 19.999decibels attenuation. Mostly used when the listener wants to hear some sound from the outside environment.

Audio technica anc9 is designed to perform audio tasks even when the battery is removed, while Bose qc25 cannot work when the battery is not fitted.

Audio Technica ANC9’s audio functions can still work without a battery, while Bose QC25’s Active EQ is unusable without a battery.

  • Attachments

Audio technica anc9 has a cable that is approximately 55.55 inches. It comes with a remote control, an adapter, a microphone, and a case essential for carrying it. On the other hand, Bose qc25 comes with a case for carrying it, too, two detachable cables, and an inline adapter.

Similarities between Audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25

Similarities between Audio Technica anc9 and Bose qc25
  • Noise cancellation

These headphones (Audio Technica ANC9 and Bose QC25) have a powerful active noise cancellation feature.

  • Warranty

Both headphones come with a warranty of not less than one year.

  • Function

The two devices perform the same function that is listening to music.

 Pros Cons of Anc9

Can be folded
It can be used as a headset
Has stereo speakers
It has an over-the-ear form
It has a detachable cable
It has a removable battery
Has a travel bag
Has a noise cancellation (noise control)
It has a 3.5mm male connector
It is not wireless
Lacks a passive noise reduction
Can be affected by sweat

Pros cons of Bose qc25

It has a removable battery
Has detachable cable
It has an over-the-ear form
Has a noise cancellation
It has a 3.5 mm male connector
Can be affected by sweat
The travel bag is not included

Factors to consider when purchasing the best headphones for use

Factors to consider when purchasing the best headphones for use

The following factors should be considered when buying headphones;

i. Design

In-ear headphones get loudest, depending on the specific music isolation and quality. On-ear headphones seem loud but may be painful for delicate ears. Over headphones offer the best quality with a comparable level of volume to on-ear headphones.

ii. Durability

Headphones are not created equal. Some are less durable, while others take a very long time before they are damaged. Buying comfortable headphones guarantees it a long lifespan as one will not threaten to harm it by figuring out more comfortable positions.

  iii. Warranty

Essential headphones can have a problem with the wiring, and they may not function as required. Long term warranty indicates that the headphones are of high quality and have no possible failure as expected shortly. In contrast, short term warranty means that the headphones are of poor quality and can stop functioning correctly after a short period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the most recommended between the two devices?

The most recommended is anc9 due to many benefits such as; can be folded, can be used as a headset, has stereo speakers, etc.


Music is mainly used for entertainment, and one would not need any distractions while listening to music. There are so many headphones applicable in listening to music, but anc9 and Bose are mostly preferred because of the features that help in canceling noise.

The noise-canceling is on par with Bose qc25; although QC25 may very slightly be better, that makes a very negligible difference. We recommend using Anc9 because it has different modes of canceling noise, has more attachments, and is relatively cheaper than Bose qc25.

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