Compare Between Audio Technica at2020 vs. Blue Yeti

Some of the most popular condenser mics on the market are the Audio Technica AT2020 and Blue Yeti. They’re both popular among artists, YouTubers, and podcasters because of their superb sound quality. Which one, though, is the most excellent option for streaming?

If you’re a single artist, the AT2020 is the superior mic for streaming because it offers superb sound quality and picks up sound immediately in front of the mic. The Blue Yeti is the best option if you’re streaming in a group because it has four sound-picking modes.

The rest of this article will compare the audio technica AT2020 and blue yeti, the advantages and disadvantages of each of these condenser mics so you can make an informed decision when purchasing a streaming microphone.

AT2020 vs. blue yeti specifications Comparison in table form

 Blue yeriAT2020
Weight2.82 lbs1.8lbs
size4.92 inches by 4.72 inches by 11.61 inches9.6 inches by 9.6 inches by 2.6 inches
Type of the connectorUSB connectorUSB connector
The frequency response20 hertz to 20khertz20 hertz to 20khertz
Compatible platformWindowsMac operatingWindowsMac operating system
Polar patternCardioid and stereocardioid

Compare Between Audio Technica at2020 vs. Blue Yeti

1. Blue yeti features

audio technica at2020 vs blue yeti
  • A Stylish Retro Look

The Blue Yeti has a large footprint table stand reminiscent of the large microphones popular in the swinging 1950s. The Blue Yeti mic stands around a foot (30.5 cm) tall, features three 14 mm (0.6 in) capsules stacked in a triangular configuration for broadcast quality sound when live streaming a game.

The Blue Yeti is made entirely of metal, making it exceptionally sturdy and significantly heavier than typical microphones at 2.2 pounds (1 kg) plus the desktop stand. Blackout, silver, cool grey, and whiteout are the four color options.

  • Various Polar Patterns

When it comes to sound choices, the Blue Yeti is unrivaled, especially in its price level. The cardioid, bidirectional, stereo, and omnidirectional polar patterns are all available on the tri-capsule mic.

Because the microphone picks up sound from the front, the cardioid mode is the most important for games and streamers. You can, however, play about with the different sound pickup settings to find your sweet spot and wow your audience.

  • Frequency Response

The frequency response of a microphone reveals information about its ability to capture sound. The Blue Yeti has a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, typical of most condenser mics. That is, the bass, mid-range, low and higher mids, and highs are all realistic. This mic isn’t susceptible to ambient sounds because it has a maximum sensitivity of 120db.

These specifications make the Blue Yeti a good choice for streamers, as it will give superb voice recordings from an untreated environment.

  • Volume and Mute Control

Blue Yeti stands out from the crowd since it has two physical buttons that allow you more control over your live broadcast. Press the mute button to turn off the microphone when you need to pause, clear your throat, or converse without recording. During a live stream, the controller is helpful since it allows you to take a break.

The volume knob is located on the front of the mic to allow you to manage your recording volume and monitor the headphone’s amp in real-time.

  • Mount on the desktop.

Blue Yeti comes with a sturdy and sturdy desktop mount, saving you the trouble of having to buy one separately. The mountain is tillable and rotatable, allowing you to position the mic in the best possible sound direction. The support is essential because it will enable hands-free streaming.

2. AT2020 features

AT2020 features
  • Construct and Design

The AT2020 has a simple yet attractive design, and it has a high-end aesthetic because it’s only available in black. The high-quality finishes on this challenging and long-lasting cast iron microphone make it stand out.

A wire mesh protects the capsule in this mic to reduce the possibility of damage. The tablet is smaller than conventional at 16 mm (0.6 in), but it does not sacrifice sound quality.

  • Patterns of Polarity

Because the AT2020’s primary function is sound isolation, it can only record in cardioid mode. During a live streaming session, you must set the microphone precisely in front of you. When only one person uses this mic at a time, the best results are obtained.

The AT2020’s strong sound isolation capabilities will result in good recordings when used in an interior situation with regulated background noise.

The AT2020 mic’s cardioid mode makes it an excellent choice for recording songs and musical instruments.

  • Frequency Reaction

The At2020, like the Blue Yeti, has a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range that produces realistic low mids, bass, baritone, and upper mids, mid-range, and highs. The AT2020, on the other hand, is less sensitive to sound than the Blue Yeti, with a maximum sensitivity of 90db.

However, it is best to mount the mic to a stand to obtain quality recordings while filtering out vibration transmissions. The AT2020’s low-frequency response makes it excellent for recording tunes.

  • Volume Control for Headphones

The AT2020, like the Blue Yeti, has a knob that allows you to adjust the volume level of the headphones. As you record, the volume rocker will enable you to hear your voice at various levels through the headphones. The volume control allows you to improve your voice tone because it provides real-time feedback.

AT2020 advantages

  • The design is sleek, beautiful, and eye-catching.
  • Capture angle of 120° cardioid
  • High dynamic range and low dB sensitivity
  • It’s pretty adaptable and can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The muted reaction is excellent.
  • Cast iron construction
  • On the capsule, there is a protective wire mesh.
  • Lightweight

AT2020 disadvantages

  • It’s light enough to allow vibrations to pass through it.
  • It’s best for use by a single individual.

Blue yeti advantages

  • Retro design with a desktop mount
  • With four polar settings, the sound pickup is superior.
  • Three capsules for the condenser
  • Manufacturer with THX certification
  • Manufacturer’s limited guarantee of two years
  • The Blue Sherpa program is available as an add-on.
  • 3.5mm jack for headphones
  • Take command.
  • Entire metal body with a long life span

Blue yeti disadvantages

  • It’s big and heavy

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is better at2020 or blue yeti?

The AT2020 is a flexible condenser mic that is perfect for a single streamer. You can give a superb live stream feed thanks to the cardioid polar pattern, XLR and USB compatibility, and frequency response of the mic. If you’re streaming in a group or need two or more directional recordings, a Blue Yeti microphone is the way to go.


While the Blue Yeti and AT2020 have a lot in common, they’re very distinct and serve different purposes. Because it uses a cardioid mode, the AT2020 is best suited for a solo act in a sound-treated environment.

With its revolutionary triple capsule, the Blue Yeti is the ideal choice if you frequently stream in a group situation and need to switch up your sound sources.

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