Audio Technica at2020 vs. Rode Nt1a- Pick the Best One

A condenser microphone is a microphone that changes audio into a digital signal. The media has an electromagnetic diaphragm and two iron plates to receive the resulting vibrations from the audio input. This microphone is applicable in music and recording studios for YouTube. YouTuber games often use this type of mic.  

Rode nt1a is a condenser microphone that can deliver warmth. It comes with some features that include; clear with no ambiguity, covers a more extensive dynamic range, and capability than the other expensive microphones. It is known as a Complete Vocal Recording Solution because it offers professional vocal recordings.

This article is about rode nt1a and audio Technica at2020. It describes the general overview understanding of microphones, explains the two named microphones in detail, highlights the differences between them, and points out the advantages and disadvantages of each one, which will guide purchasing the best microphone if one needs any of them.

A quick comparison table between audio Technica at2020 and rode nt1a

FeatureAudio Technica at2020Rode nt1a
Release date20042003
TypeCardioid CondenserCondenser
Phantom powerRequiredRequired
PriceApproximately $100.00Approximately $228.00
Max SPL144 Decibels137 Decibels
Primary useMostly vocalsMostly instruments
Output impedance100 Ohms100 Ohms
ConnectorExternal Line ReturnExternal Line Return
Polar patternCardioidCardioid
Noise level20 decibels5 decibels

Differences between at2020 and nt1a

Audio Technica at2020 vs. Rode Nt1a
  • Design

The two microphones have some different features, even if they perform the same function.  The Technica at2020 is black while the other is silver-like.

  • Weight

The Technica at2020 weighs approximately 440 grams, while the nt1a comes with a weight of 326grams. For NT1A, it has a slim and long appearance, unlike the at2020.

  • Performance

The at2020 device can record many sounds effectively, starting from the high, middle, and lowest. Also, it can record the most resonant sound that has the best strategy. Moreover, generally, the two microphones at times perform different functions.

  • Max SPL

Each device comes with a different Max SPL. For the audio Technica at2020, the max SPL is approximately 144 decibels. The nt1a has a slightly lower max SPL that is around 137 decibels. The higher the max SPL, the higher the handling ability. Therefore, it is essential to choose a device that has a high decibel for maximum effectiveness.

  • Use

The two devices perform different functions. The audio at2020 is applicable in vocals, while the nt1a is essential in instruments. The two primary purposes make them unique and crucial depending on the area of use.

  • Feature

Each device comes with features that are different. For example, the AT2020 has built-in features that enhance its versatility. Also, it has some unique filter that is bass-cut and is essential in dealing with the attenuation. The NT1A comes with an internal feature known as capsule shock mounting that is essential in dealing with rejection that handles unwanted sound.

  • Price

The technical at2020 is relatively cheaper with an approximation of $100.00 while rode nt1a is much more expensive with an approximation of $228.00

Similarities between at2020 and nt1a

Similarities between at2020 and nt1a

Despite the two microphones having some differences, they have some commonalities that include the following;

  • Size

Both devices have almost the same size and weigh nearly the same. The weight makes them portable from one place to another quickly.

  • Warranty

Both devices come with a warranty period. For example, their warranty ranges up to one year. One can return them when they are faulty instead of buying new ones.

  • Performance

The two devices perform the same functions. DJs or other users can apply them in places such as events, small events, among others.

  • Construction

Both microphones are from the same construction where they both have metallic construction features. The feature makes them last longer with ruggedness.

  • Frequency response

The two devices have the same frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. The longer the frequency response, the longer the excellent outreach.

  • Polar pattern

Both devices come with a polar pattern that is similar. The design is cardioid.

Pros Cons of technical at2020

Its sound is clearly defined
Better frequency response.
It is cheap.
It only features a cardioid polar pattern.
It requires a pop-filter

Pros Cons of Rode nt1a

It is versatile
It offers an incredible dynamic range
It records the excellent sound of good quality
It is durable
It is less expensive
It does not have noise
It is heavy
It requires an excellent audio interface for it to perform best.

Factors to consider when buying microphones

Factors to consider when buying microphones
  • Impedance

It is a kind of alternating current resistance. Microphones come with an output impedance of fewer than 200 ohms, and these low impedances allow for a very long cable running without sound degradation.

  • Frequency response

Microphones frequencies differ depending on the intended use. Choose a flat frequency response since it is better and clear for the users.

  • Noise handling

When one is likely to be subjected to noise such as vibrations, one would require a microphone that prevents the noise from being picked.

  • Directionality

First, identify the direction pattern that best fits your needs. It is good to choose a microphone with less direction when comparing it with sound emission from the source.

  • Warranty

Choose a device that has a more extended warranty period. The warranty period is essential in helping the consumer know if the device is in good condition, and if not, he may ask for a replacement instead of buying another one.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the best microphone between the at2020 and nt1a?

The best microphone depends on the area of use. If you wish to use the microphone for vocals, consider choosing the audio Technica at2020 and if you want to use the device for instrumental purposes, consider choosing the rode nt1a.


Most people wish to know the best microphone to use between the audio Technica at2020 and rode nt1a. If you want to know which is the best, please read the article above. It provides a quick comparison between the two devices. Also, before deciding which is the best microphone to buy, consider factors such as the frequency response and directionality.

One should be able to create high-quality recordings no matter the microphone they choose. Rode is the best because you do not need to upgrade from it down the lane, which the AT2020 might require.

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