What are the differences between Audio Technica at2020 vs. Shure sm57

If you have two microphones, such as an Audio Technica at2020 and a Shure SM57, you may find it difficult to choose between the two. There are various similarities and variations between the two microphones that distinguish them. Their features also make them more appealing to users. It is critical to evaluate your preferences before selecting any of the microphones.

Sure of the similarities between the two microphones include the fact that they both have the same appearance, yet they differ somehow. In addition, one uses a dynamic microphone while the other uses a condenser microphone. The distinctions assist users, mainly DJs, in selecting the right mic to utilize.

Fortunately, the following article highlights some of the critical distinctions between the two mics. It also demonstrates certain commonalities, such as their benefits and drawbacks. Finally, there is a buying guide and FAQs for the two mics to help you decide which one is the best.

Comparison table between the audio technica AT2020 vs. Shure sm57

ComparisonShure sm57Audio Technica at2020
SensitivityAround -56dBAround -37dB
Microphone typeDynamic microphoneCondenser microphone
Frequency responseAround 40 to 15,000HZApproximately 20 to 20,000 Hz
ConnectorHas three pins that are maleHas three pins that are male
Output impedanceIt is approximately 150 ohmsThe output  impedance is 100 Ohms
Polar patternCardioidCardioid

Similarities between the audio technica AT2020 vs. Shure sm57

audio technica at2020 vs shure sm57

Even though the two mics have some variances, they share some qualities. The following are some of the features:

  • Polar pattern

Both microphones have a similar polar pattern. The cardioid opposite way is in both devices. Users may find it difficult to discern between the two microphones as a result of this function. In this scenario, seek more features, such as advanced features.

  • Connector

Each microphone comes with a three-pin connector XLR, and in most cases, it is a male connector. If you want to connect any of the microphones to the power supply source, it must have three pins on which you may insert the microphone.

  • Performance

The performance of the audio Technica at2020 and the Shure sm57 is similar. Both devices provide the same functions to capture and broadcast audio in small and large operations. If you’re going to utilize a microphone in a small business, pick one that fits the environment and vice versa.

  • Warranty

The warranty period is critical since it allows the user to identify microphone flaws and return them for replacement. Both microphones have a one- to two-year warranty, depending on the seller. Amazon and Ebay.com are the most significant locations to buy microphones. You can place an order and have it delivered.

Differences between the audio technica AT2020 vs. Shure sm57

Differences  between the audio technica AT2020 vs. Shure sm57

1. Sensitivity

The two microphones have different levels of sensitivity. The Shure sm57 and the audio Technica at200 have a sensitivity of -56DB and -37DB, respectively. The sensitivity boosts their performance by capturing high-quality audio.

2. The type of microphone

Each manufacturer has its sort of microphone. The dynamic microphone on the Shure sm57 is distinct from the Shure sm57 microphone. A condenser microphone is used in the Audio Technica AT200 microphone.  As a result, before choosing a microphone, be sure you know what type of microphone you want to utilize. Select a microphone with the microphone type that best meets your needs. Also, think about the microphone’s quality and make sure it’s working correctly.

3. Frequency response

When recording or playing audio, a microphone’s frequency response is measured. The frequency response of the Shure sm57 is around 40 to 15,000Hz, while the frequency response of the audio Technica at2020 is approximately 20 to 20,000Hz.

4. Impedance of the output

The output impedance changes based on the amount of power required by each microphone. The output impedance of the Shure sm57 is 150 ohms, while the audio Technica at2020 is roughly 100 ohms. Consider selecting a microphone with the impedance you require while making your selection. Choose a machine with a high impedance if you need one and a device with a low impedance if you do not.

Advantages of the Shure sm57

  • High-quality recordings; ideal for live performances.
  • It’s best for making close-ups.
  • Sound quality is excellent.


  • It is Expensive.
  • It only has a three-pin connector.

Advantages of Audio Technica AT2020

  • Better sound emission and build quality.
  • Includes a polar platter, which is necessary for nose picking.
  • Able to handle high decibel levels.
  • Extremely sensitive.


  • It is Expensive.
  • Other features are lacking.
  • Only has a three-pin connector.

A buying guide for the Audio Technica AT2020 and the Shure sm57

A buying guide for the Audio Technica AT2020 and the Shure sm57

Consider some of the following aspects before purchasing any of the microphones:

  • Reaction Frequency

Make that the mic’s frequency response is appropriate for the application. In general, flat answer patterns are desired; nevertheless, personalized responses are frequently preferred. Before purchasing a microphone, study the frequency response section of each manufacturer’s manual guide for further information. In addition, the frequency response must be able to match your tastes and your usage region.

  • Intensity

Select the straight design option that best meets your needs. Consider whether utilizing a less direct mic close to the noise source is better than using a hyper-cardioid from afar. For more information, look at the microphones’ decisions.

  • Resonance

The basic rule is that resistors are preferable to low internal resistance. For more information, see microphone resistance.

Which mic is recommendable between the audio Technica ar2020 and the Shure Sm57?

Which mic is recommendable between the audio Technica ar2020 and the Shure Sm57

Not only because it excels at recording vocals but also because recording instruments work better with just one condenser mic rather than one dynamic mic, the Audio Technica AT2020 might have been a better choice for home music performers who may not have mics for huge events.

The Shure SM57 is also excellent for home recording, especially if you want to catch guitarist or bassist chambers, and it can capture voices and be used during live events. Still, I believe the Technica AT2020 is a superior option for most people recording at home.

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Consider employing a dynamic microphone if you need a microphone for a tiny space. You might also want to use a condenser microphone. Read the article above and compare the two mics to see which one is best for you.

Finally, think about a few things before making your decision. Consider the cost and quality of the equipment as some of the criteria. Also, think about the advanced features available in each microphone and choose the one with the most sophisticated features.

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