Audio Technica Ath m20x vs. M30x- Quick Differences

Audio technica ath are almost similar, and selecting the best between Audio technica ath m20x and m30x might be very challenging. Therefore, it is paramount to note the distinguishable differences between m20x and m30x that will guide a user.

So, what are the differences between audio technica m20x and m30x?  Cheap headphones and high-quality record sound are Audio Technica ath m30x. For good voice chart usage against competitors, then Audio technica ath m20x would be the best.

 This article describes m20x and m30x versions of headphones. They are almost similar, and one needs to study them to understand their differences. The reports contain a comparison table of the two versions of headphones and have the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

Comparison table between m20x and m30x

Power handling700 megawatts1300 megawatts
Frequency range15 to 20 kHz15 to 22 kHz
Weight190 grams220 grams
DesignHas stereo speakersIt has an over the ear foamHas stereo speakersIt has an over the ear foam 
Sound qualityHas passive noise reductionHas Passive noise reduction
ConnectivityIt has a 3.50mm connectorHas 3.50mm male connector
PriceApproximately $51.02Approximately $75.99

Differences between audio technica ath m20x and m30x

audio technica ath m20x vs m30x
  • It is straightforward to fold an m30x making them portable while m20x cannot be folded; hence it is challenging to move around.
  • M30x has a frequency range of about 15-22kHz, while m20x has about 15-20kHz, enabling them to produce high-quality audio.
  • M30x is relatively heavier with approximately 220grams but mostly preferred because of the ease in folding, while m20x is lighter with 190 grams.
  • The later version of ath (m30x) is a bit expensive and goes for approximately $75.99, while the older version (m20x) is cheaper and roughly $51.02.
  • M30x’s power handling capabilities are at 1300 megawatts, while that of m20x is at 700megawatts.

Similarities between audio Technica ath m20x and m30x

Similarities between audio Technica ath m20x and m30x

1. Audio technical ath M20x and m30x produce sound of high quality

2. They both have stereo speakers that are embedded in them

3. They both have an over-the-head foam to be more comfortable to the user during the listening period.

4. They both have a long male connector of about 3.50mm, allowing the listener to reach some distance without taking them off.

5. They all have passive noise reduction.

6. They both have a low-frequency range.

Pros Cons of Audio technica ath M20x

It is very durable, so the user is guaranteed prolonged use of the headphones.
It is relatively cheaper compared to audio Technica ath m30x
They have long cables so one can reach something at a distance without having to remove the headphones
It has a simple package making it easy to use.
It has a lightweight
They have poor sound isolation capabilities
Controlling audio is very difficult
It isn’t easy to fold them; hence not very portable
They occupy quite an ample space and are cumbersome

Pros Cons of Audio technica ath M30x

They have long cables so one can reach something at a distance without having to remove the headphones.
It comes with a case for carrying.
Are durable
Audio Technica at m30x can be folded. Therefore, it easily fits in backpacks and handbags.
It comes with a simple package that makes it easy to use
It is affordable.
It has a lightweight
They are very comfortable when worn.
Are very expensive compared to audio technica ath m20x.
Its cable cannot be interchanged
It is designed mainly for mid-range audio tunes

Factors to consider when buying audio technica ath m20x and m30x headphones

Factors to consider when buying audio technica ath m20x and m30x headphones

The following are the factors to consider when purchasing audio technica ath m20x and m30x headphones:

1. Durability

Good quality headphones are those that are durable. One would consider buying headphones that will be in use for an extended period than headphones that are not durable. Headphones that are not durable will require one to buy another pair every other time, so purchasing durable headphones saves money.

2. Price

Depending on the version of the headphones, the price differs. The latest versions of headphones come with some added features that improve the sound quality and noise-canceling capabilities, making them more expensive than other older versions.

3. Performance

Later versions have good audio performance in terms of the quality of the sound produced. Some are more comfortable and can filter external noise.

4. Attachments

Some headphones have short connector cables that force the user to remove them while accessing a distant object, while some have long lines and allow the user to access foreign objects while still on their music.

5. Side effects

Some headphones produce high pitch audio that may harm the user’s ears if they use them continuously.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Question one: Are these noise-canceling enough to wear on a plane and not hear the plane noise?


These headphones do not have electronic noise-canceling technology interfaces; therefore, the listener hears environmental noise.

  • Question two: Is one provided with a carrying case when they buy headphones?


There are some headphones that when one buys them, they are provided with a bag for carrying. For those that do not come with the carrying case, the user is advised to use their backpack or a handbag if it is big enough.


Audio technica ath m20x and m30x are almost similar in terms of appearance and even their functionality. M30x is a newer version of headphones, while m20x is among the old versions of headphones. They are affordable and comfortable when being used.

We recommend the m30x version of headphones because it has some upgraded features available for m20x. These can be folded; therefore, it is easier to fit in small bags, and one would comfortably carry them along, and they are much more durable.

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