Audio Technica Ath m40x vs Sony Mdr 7506-Which One to Choose?

Audio Technica business produces different kinds of headphones, almost the same in their design with slight differences. Audio Technica m40x and Sony MDR 7506 are two different types of headphones that you can use to listen to music. The headphones have quality features with good shapes that you can produce quality music when you fix them into your ears.

The audio Technica m40x and Sony MDR 7506 are good for use since one can change them with time as long as the headphones’ replacement parts are the same. The two types of headphones have differences in their make either with the cables they are using, the colors and the types of pads.

The article below shows the similarities and differences between Audio Technica m40x and Sony MDR 7506 and the best headphones at home. Follow the article below to identify the best everyday kind of headphones, whether the Audio Technica m40x or Sony MDR 7506, will fit you well; after that are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

Quick comparison table between the two

comparisonATH m40xMDR 7506
colorBlack and silverBlack, red, blue and silver
impedance38 ohms63 ohms
cablesdetachableNon detachable

 Differences between Audio Technica ATH and Sony MDR 7506

audio technica ath m40x vs sony mdr 7506
  • Color

The colors of the two types of headphones are different since the Sony MDR 7506 color is black, silver, red and blue, while the Audio Technica’s color comes in black and silver. When choosing the best type of headphones to use, you can differentiate them using their color.

  • Design

The Audio Technica and the Sony MDR 7506 are different due to the difference in the material making them. The Audio Technica has a plastic material, making it more flexible, and you can fold it when traveling. Sony MDR 7506 lacks flexibility due to the rigid material it has.

  • Impedance

The impedance with Sony MDR 7506 is higher since it has 63ohms while the Audio Technica has 35 ohms making it have lower impedance.

  • Price

 The price of the headphones differs according to the features of the items. Sony MDR 7506 headphones are cheaper than the Audio Technica.

  • Physical appearance

The Audio Technica is made of plastic material and has some metal in the headband adjustments and some accents that enhance the functions of the ear cup. In contrast, the Sony MDR 7506 has a leather material with steel that has a brushed feeling in the headband adjustment.

  • Weight

The Sony MDR 7506 and the Audio Technica are different since they have different features. Sony MDR 7506 is much lighter than Audio Technica.

  • Quality of sound

Audio Technica m40x produces analytic sound since it gives out more sound volumes, while Sony MDR 7506 produces quality sounds since when you use them to record, they will not produce clear sounds.

  • Padding

The Audio Technica has a leather material that can make the ears sweat, but you can use them for a longer time. The padding with the Sony MDR 7506 is natural, that it is best to use with the ears, but they keep peeling over time, and at the same time, they are not detachable.

  • Comfort

Among the two types of headphones, the Sony MDR 7506 is the most comfortable. It is good for the ears but will need slight adjustments over time since the pads tend to dig into your ear lobes. It has a deeper ear cup that reduces the rate of getting tired while using the headphones such that you can use them for quite a long time. It is also light on the head, and the ear cups are large. On the other hand, the Audio Technica can be comfortable at the start of the music, but the user can feel bored after some time. They can be uncomfortable in a place where they become heavier.

  • Cables

Audio Technica m40x has three cables with a long straight cable, a long coiled cable and a short cable for use with portable devices, which are detachable, while Sony MDR 7506 cables are not detachable.

Similarities between the two headphones

Similarities between the two

i. Both have the same headband style, which is traditional.

ii. Both are closed-back dynamic types of headphones.

iii. Both do not require amplification to work.

iv. Both allow the folding feature in them

Audio Technica m40x Advantages

  • It is suitable for most genres
  • Built well aside from the pads cracking and hardening after some time
  • They are portable that you can move with them from one place to another
  • They do not require amplification


  • Poor sound stage

Sony MDR 7506 Advantages

  • Suitable for most genres
  • Have a well-built design
  • They are portable
  • They are comfortable when using them


  • Has bad cups and cables
  • Poor sound stage 

The most recommended among the two

The most recommended among the two

When having an issue with choosing the better of the two devices, consider checking on some factors. For example, check on the price, qualities it has and how well it will fit you. I recommend choosing Sony MDR 7506 since it has more unique features than the Audio Technica, which is pricey. Sony MDR 7506  helps one find flaws in recording better than the other types of headphones. The MDR 7506 is more predictable and neutral sounding and has a smoother response even though it has a peaky treble.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the difference between Audio Technica m50x and m40x?

The difference between the Audio Technica’s headphones is with the impedance, where one has higher ohms than the other. The other features about them are just the same.

  • What are the factors to consider when purchasing headphones?

When choosing the best type of headphones to use, check on the price, amount of power it consumes, frequency range, your personal preference etc.


Now you have full information about the two types of headphones since they have a different feature that makes people wonder which one is the best. The article below shows the details of the two headphones with their differences and similarities.

Kindly read the article to help guide you choose the correct type of headphones to use. Failure to carefully follow can cause you to get the wrong headphone that you will regret using. Also, it is good to consider checking the manual for correct installation and use while using the devices.

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