Audio Technica Ath m50x vs. M50 (Which One Is Better?)

Before deciding or judging which headphone is the best, it is good to identify their differences and similarities. The m50x is the same version of the m50, but with some upgrades with the headband, ear pads etc., the design and other features are almost the same that you need to be keen to identify them.

ATH m50 is an older version of the headphones that the Audio Technica company was making sometimes back. After some developments, they decided to add some improvements to it, which resulted in the m50x. Most people have had worries about the best type to use among the two devices.

This article includes the main differences between these two types of microphones and also the main similarities. You will also find answers to some of the frequently asked questions. Follow the article keenly to get every detail on the similarities and differences.

Quick comparison table between the two

comparisonATH m50xM50
colorBlack and silverSpecific color
Travel bagHas a travel bagLacks a travel bag
cablesdetachableNon detachable

Differences between the two headphones

Audio Technica Ath m50x vs. M50
  • Price

The price difference must be there since one device has fewer features than the other due to the upgrades. Audio Technica m50x is much more expensive than the m50 when purchasing it or even with its parts.

  • Cable

The older Audio Technica m50 lacks the detachable cable, while the m50x has a detachable cable. The good things about them are that they lack the sweat resistance that makes them ideal for use while doing sports.

  • Weight

The increase in weight with the m50x is due to the upgrade of its features with the ear pads and other features. The features make the m50x heavier than m50 headphones. In this case, you can choose to use the m50 because it is lighter than comfortable when using it.

  • Travel bag

When buying the headphones, the m50x contains a bag that you can use when traveling that makes it safe when using the headphones such that after using the headphones, you can place it in its bag and travel. On the other hand, the m50 lacks the bag, which shows the security level is low, that you can easily lose it after using it.

  • Color

The ATH m50 comes in a specific color, while the m50x comes in three different colors that are attractive and allows the buyer to choose the best of their color.

Similarities of m50 and m50x

Similarities of m50 and m50x
  • Design

Both two headphones have a closed-back design which means that they are more comfortable and can work for quite a long time.

  • Quality of sound.

Both the two headphones produce the best sound quality, where the frequency ranges from 15 Hz to 28000Hz in both cases with remarkable flatness. The flatness of the radio frequency impacts the sound quality directly since the flatter the frequency is, the less distortion which results in higher sound quality.

  • Drivers

Both have drivers that are 45mm in diameter. The driver in the headphone helps to convert electrical signals to sound that you can listen to. It is a circular diaphragm.

  • Magnet

The headphones have a magnet that is neodymium which makes the headphone much lighter and powerful. They also enhance lower bass and more clear high-frequency notes.

  • Cables

Both headphones come with a copper wire voice coil that allows the user to hook up the music players and computers.

  • Batteries

The headphones do not require any batteries to use them, which helps the user reduce worries about charging them and using them later.  

Advantages of using the m50 and m50x headphones

Advantages of using the m50 and m50x headphones

i. They produce good sound quality, whereby the highs are sweet with accurate sounds exclusive of the harsh noise accompanying them. The minds of the headphones are cool, while the bass is tight and deep. The features can make you use the headphones to listen to music the whole day without getting tired.

ii. They are best for studio monitoring since they are accurate with their sound, which is neutral. They have the option to increase the volume to the level you want without hearing any distortion at any point. They produce excellent audio when using them.

iii. They can work alone without the external amplifiers, which reduces the cost of buying amplifiers for use.

iv. Due to the plastic materials, the headphones are sturdy and they can last for a long time.

v. They are comfortable to wear due to their cups that when you use them for long, they will tend to fit in your ears.

Disadvantages of the headphones

audio technica ath m50x vs m50
  1. They are only meant for indoors, so when you use them outdoors, you will feel the weight since they are heavy.  If you are a player or athlete, choose to use a different kind of headphones since the ATH m50 or m50x can be a burden.

2. The headphones are noise isolating so they cannot cancel some noises from them; they have ear cups that block out a large amount of noise when you are playing music that you cannot easily listen to with ease.

3. They have a lower bass from their nature that if you like high bass sounds from headphones, they cannot fit you, and you need to change them.

4. They are not highly stable since their design is not meant for individuals who run or jog heavily to fall off even if they are well fixed.

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 Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the factors to consider when purchasing headphones?

When choosing the best type of headphones to use, check on the price, amount of power it consumes, frequency range, your personal preference etc.

  • What is the most recommended type of headphones to use between m50 and m50x?

When choosing the best headphones to use among the two, do not mind the price since it will mislead you. Check on the features of the headphones; m50 is no longer in the market since it is burned. Therefore choose to use m50x, which has cool features than m50


The article compares the ATH m50x and m50, which have some similarities since they have almost the same function at home. Now you have the features of the two headphones above that you can use. ATH m50x is good for use.  

The two headphones are both good since they produce quality sounds. Consider using the upgraded version of the Audio Technica since every upgrade has more distinct features.  

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