Audio Technica Ath m70x vs m50x (Which One to Choose)

Choosing the right USB to at home when playing music is not an easy task to get a device that well fits their needs. Picking up the wrong device can cause a mess at home when using it. Therefore it is good to choose the right device by knowing their differences. However many people do not know the differences.

For beginners it is good to choose using the ATH m70x since it works better and you can easily identify from a distance. With its versatility, the Blue Yeti can record voice overs and music without a complex setup. ATH m50x is also good for use.

This article has outlined the differences and similarities of these headphones to help you better understand them. You will also find a comparison table for easy understanding. The article also includes frequently asked questions and well-answered answers to them.

Quick comparison table between Audio Technica ath-m70x and ath-m50x

Comparison featureAth-m70xAth-m50x
CasingHard casingPouch casing
Volume2047.23 in cubic centimeters117.3 in cubic cm
Bass accuracy8.9dB8.6dB
Mid accuracy8.7dB8.8dB
Treble accuracy7.7dB7.9dB
Passive soundstage6.4dB5.5dB

Differences between ath-m50x and ath-m70x        

Audio Technica Ath m70x vs m50x
  • Build and design

It’s also worth mentioning that, unlike the M50x, the M70x headphones are available in only the black color. For the time being, at least, such appears to be the situation. The possibility of other hues being made available in the future is a possibility if these are successful.

It is essential not to be deceived by the striking resemblance in their physical appearance, though. This model’s yoke and back of the ear cups are constructed of metal, which is more metallic than other versions in the line. A minuscule amount of weight is added due to this; however, it is hardly noticeable. Notably, unlike the ATH-M50x, these are not collapsible.

The more significant footprint is not a problem; however, this may be an issue if you travel with headphones. Thanks to the carrying case, the headphones will be kept safe and secure at all times.

Although the comfort of the initial ATH-M50 headphones was much enhanced, the comfort of the ATH-M70x headphones was even better. Concerning issues, the only thing that has been mentioned is that people become overheated when wearing them.

  • Connectivity

The M70x headphones come with three different cords, all of which are interchangeable.  3.9 feet in length for the shorter straight cable and 9.8 feet in length for the long straight cable when placed flat; the folded wire is of equal length with the shorter cable; it can stretch to the same extent as the other long straight cable when coiled. When you open the package, the 1/4′′ adaptor is connected to the coiled cable, although it can be used with either cord.

The ATH-M70x headphones, like the other headphones in this range, have a locking connector on the end of the headphones, which means that once the cables are detachable, it is hard finding a substitute wire as with other headphones in this line. They are accessible, but there have been reports from readers that they are not easily found.

  • Lows

When it comes to the ATH-M50x and ATH-M70x, one of the most significant differences is that the latter has a far more comprehensive frequency range. The M50x is reported to have low frequencies as low as 5 Hz, but the M50x has low frequencies as high as 15 Hz. High-frequency lows are profound and precise, with minimal booziness in the 80-200 Hz frequency range. In addition to having a more minor bass extension than M50x, the lows are not boosted similarly as they are on the M50x.

  • Highs

The peaks are distinct and piercing in their intensity. It is another instance in which the expanded frequency range comes into play, with the highest frequencies reaching 40000 kHz rather than 28,000 kHz in ATH-M50x. While this range includes frequencies that cannot be heard, it does not rule out the possibility of their being felt, and the enlarged range is precious for monitoring and mixing applications.

Even while the soundstage is quite impressive and then the headphones provide excellent cues, the headphones show what is actually there, so if you are listening to a music mix with an unfocused image, these headphones will do just little to fix it. They may not sound as you think, as the ATH-M50x was designed to appeal to a broad audience. If you’re playing music for fun, many consumer-oriented headphones purposefully massage frequencies. And these headphones do precisely that when mixing a song.

Since every little bit sums up, people in the pro audio field are used to spending exorbitant amounts for little performance advances. As with a better compressor, the monitoring chain is worth a few thousand dollars. It’s worth it for the more incredible frequency response and flatter response curve.

Similarities between Audio Technica ath-m50x and ath-m70x

Similarities between Audio Technica ath-m50x and ath-m70x

1. Their appearance is similar

2. They both have a good sound quality

3. Both the headphones are comfortable when put on

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can one find the ath-m70x earbuds?

Answer; everything else is contained within the hard-shell carrying case, which may be found within the box when it is first opened. When you open the case, the headphones are the first thing you see, along with a bit of pouch that is snuggled in between ear cups and the headbands of the headphones.


The M50x is currently receiving a lot of positive feedback from headphone sites and YouTube channels alike. It’s easy to see why so many people are eager to hop on the M50x bandwagon, given the company’s rising reputation for overall excellence. Aside from having a good and durable design, which includes a removable cable, the M50x also has a fantastic sound to match.

The music comes over as very even, with a bit of bass thrown in. However, while it may not provide an entirely distortion-free experience, it is a high-quality headset at an affordable price. The M70x is an even headphone created without the added bass and with more minor distortions than its predecessor. As a result of the vast, if flat, tone range, it is simple to achieve a more accurate sound, making this headphone more suitable for studio applications and other situations requiring a high-quality monitor.

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