Audio Technica athmsr7 vs M50x- Which One to Pick

When choosing devices it is good to check on the best devices to use by checking on their differences and similarities. Audio Technica MSR7 appears heavier and more durable than the M50X, primarily constructed of plastic with aluminum extenders.

Top sound engineers and expert audio reviewers have consistently given the ATH-M50 their highest praise as the most highly lauded device in the M-Series family. In addition to having detachable wires, the ATH-M50x professional monitoring headphones have the same highly regarded acoustic signature as before.

This article has clearly outlined the differences and the similarities of the above headphones. You will find features of each headphone well outlined. The article also contains a quick comparison table for a more detailed review. Finally, you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Comparison table between audio Technica athmsr7 and m50x

Comparison featuresATHMSR7M50X
Frequency response5-40000Hz15 – 28,000 Hz
Accessories includedA protective pouchA 6.3mm screw-on adapter and a protective pouch
Maximum input power2000mW16000mW
Weight290g285g this is without a connector and a cable
Impedance35 ohms38 ohms
CableDetachable 3.0m standard cable Interchangeable cables, coiled 3.9’-9.8’cable

Differences between m50x and msr7

Audio Technica athmsr7 vs M50x
  • Low end

In terms of low-end performance, the M50X is good – and simply astonishing considering the price. In the background, there’s a crisp, well-controlled bass line with plenty of “oomph.” Although the level of detail is superb, it is nowhere near the level of the MSR7. However, the MSR7 is more precise while having less impact than the M50X, which is powerful and has a unique wow factor to the bass.

It has a more refined tone, which provides a more profound and fuller look. However, while the M50X is suited for a wide range of musical interests, it will be particularly appealing to individuals who enjoy soundtracks with a fast beat, such as hip-hop music, pop, and electronic dance music (EDM).

  • High end

While the M50X has received high praise from the headphone market for its budget-friendly performance and powerful bass, many reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the high-end detail. While the sound is generally pleasing, it can occasionally be piercing – something that becomes instantly obvious while listening to anything with a large number of strings, particularly violins. For its part, the MSR7 provides more details in a controlled manner, yet the slightest piercing bit while remaining precise.

  • The soundstage

Both headphones provide the listener a true sensation of space and clarity while listening to the music they are playing. When contrasted to an M50X, the MSR7 offers a stronger sense of scope – thanks in no small measure to the broader frequency range – but can sound a little more compressed and congested due to the broader frequency range. Even though the MSR7 has a more impressive overall soundstage, one can be confident that both versions give a unique sound system for their respective prices.

  • Mids

Although the M50X and MSR7 have similar mid-range clarity, the M50X comes second to the MSR7 in this category once more. Never let that deceive you; the M50X’s middle detail is exceptional for the price, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find an even better sound for much less than $200. It is countered by a more affluent and much more full-bodied midsection that is bursting at the seams with more data than you could consume in one sitting. Although this degree of detail is breathtaking, it does not offer the same good value level as the M50X.

  • Sound quality

When it comes to the actual quality of sound (and assuming that price was not a factor), the MSR7 easily outperforms any comparison between the two models under consideration. However, taking this into account, the M50X is deserving of attention because it sparked the craze in the first place; few headphones have attained this degree of popularity because only a small number of headphones can provide you with this level of quality at such an affordable price.

Similarities between Audio Technica athmsr7 and Audio Technica ath m50x

Similarities between Audio Technica athmsr7 and Audio Technica ath m50x

1. Both headphones come with a small number of extras in their packaging. Because the MSR7 is a consumer-oriented headphone, it comes with three replaceable headphone cables, one of which contains an in-line mic and remote (which is not present on the other two). Both headphones are packaged in a carrying case, with the M50X including a stereo converter plug (since it is intended as a studio monitoring headphone).

2. Both headphones are built to the high-quality standard that Technica has been known for, while MSR7 is significantly expensive and has a noticeably higher level of quality to its construction. While M50X primarily comprises plastic and aluminum adaptors, MSR7 appears bulkier and probably a little robust in construction. On the latter, there is less swiveling and articulation, which contributes to the rigid feel and, as a result, the sense of a higher-end headset.

3. Although the M50X is significantly thicker than the M50, both headphones provide a similar degree of relatively close isolation from undesired ambient sounds. While the M50X is slightly more comfortable, the M50X is also slightly more expensive.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why do ath M50x monitor headphones so well?

Answer; the ATH-M50x premium monitor headphones have the same prized acoustic signature as the ATH-M50, with the extra convenience of detachable wires. In terms of sound isolation, large-aperture drivers, and durable construction, the M50x delivers unrivaled performance for the most demanding audio professionals.


You should consider the Audio Technica MSR7, which costs $249.00 if money is not a concern. When combined with an attractive design that is good-looking, as well as an in-line microphone and control, these headphones have a lot to recommend to just about everyone. If you enjoy crispy bass or seek the most outstanding performance, you can find it for under $200.

In conclusion, both headphones are packaged in a carrying case, with M50X including a stereo converter plug (since it is a studio monitoring headphone). Both headphones are constructed to the high standard that Technica has been known for, albeit the MSR7 is somewhat expensive and has a noticeably higher quality feel.

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