Audio Technica atr2500 vs At2020- (Which One Is Better?)

It is good to check on the best company to get good devices for you to avoid picking wrong things. Audio Technica is a business company that works better to produce a wide range of high-quality products. The company produces the same devices with the same purposes but different features that you need to know.

Consider choosing Audio-Technica AT2020 since it is a low-cost cardioid-pattern condenser microphone suitable for both novices and experienced home studio users. It is available in two variants, each with either an XLR or a USB output.

This article includes the main similarities between an Audio Technica atr2500 and an at2020. It also includes the main differences and some pros and cons of the same. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions well explained for easy understanding. Follow the article entirely for a better understanding.

Comparison table between an Audio Technica atr2500 and an at2020

Comparison featureAT2020Audio Technica atr2500
Frequency rangeTremendous frequency response but less compared to that of Audio Technica atr2500.Broader frequency range compared to AT2020
Volume controlLacks embedded volume setting controlsHas embedded volume control settings
PriceMore expensive compared to Audio Technica atr2500Cheaper than AT2020
DurabilityLess durable as some of its parts are plasticDurable and always hard
Easiness of useSomehow complicated as it lacks embedded volume setting controlsEasy to use due to the embedded volume controls
Polar patternCardioid patternCardioid pattern
Frequency range180 degrees30-15000 Hz

Differences between Audio Technica atr2500 and Audio Technica at2020

audio technica atr2500 vs at2020
  • Price

People looking for a good-sounding microphone under $100 will notice that the ATR 2500 and AT 2020 are both available in this price range, as well. Although ATR2500 is slightly less expensive than AT2020, their value for money is quite similar. The price difference between these two microphones is slight, perhaps even insignificant, but the ATR 2500 is less expensive and thus wins this round in our comparison test.

  • Recording capabilities

These mics are USB microphones, which means that you won’t have to worry about connecting them to your computer while recording any instruments, voices, or percussions. They’re both compatible with the vast majority of major operating systems, and they’re roughly equivalent in terms of connection. The round ends in a tie.

While these types are excellent for filming, the AT2500 does not stand out particularly well in this performance area. The AT2020 does not have any particular embedded features to make the recording process more accessible, but it is otherwise quite versatile. Alternatively, 2500, which does contain some embedded features, will complete the task, but the finished effects will be less than spectacular.

  • Durability

The ATR 2500 and the AT2020 have a rugged, durable design; however, it’s crucial to realize that they are not equally durable. The AT2200 is tough, no doubt about it, but it falls short compared to the AT 2500, which is far more durable. AT2020 seems to be less durable than 2500 since certain pieces are made of low-cost plastic, whereas 2500 is as solid as a rock.

  • Quality of sound

Both the ATR2500 and the AT2020 have fantastic sound quality – they are pro microphones that will deliver precisely what you need in terms of sound quality, but the AT2020 wins this round by a landslide. The AT2500 makes some sacrifices in terms of vocal quality to excel in other areas of functionality.

  • Simplicity in use

Lightweight microphones are typically relatively simple to operate. The AT 2020 and ATR 2500 are no exceptions to this principle. In contrast to the AT2020, the ATR2500 features inbuilt volume controls on the front side though this isn’t a huge deal in our opinion. However, it seems more user-friendly than the former because the latter has internal volume controls and works better when you don’t intend to use an XLR connector.

Similarities between Audio Technica atr2500 and AT2020

Similarities between Audio Technica atr2500 and AT2020

1. They’re made of materials that are comparable to each other and are pretty durable. You will not have a problem with durability irrespective of which type you choose, and that is a significant understatement.

2. These microphones both have a USB connection and headphone ports, which allow you to view your recording sessions in real-time without experiencing any latency or lag. They also have a neutral sound characteristic, which is another plus.

3. They are both in the same price range (in the middle of the “moderately costly” pricing range, to be precise). The AT2020, on the other hand, is a couple of dollars more expensive than the AT2020.

Pros Cons of AT2020

It has a natural and clear sound
It is made of metal thus durable
It has a mid-range quality
A stand does not accompany it
It would be best if you bought an audio interface

Audio Technica ATR2500 Pros Cons

It has an excellent quality of sound
Cancel any background noise
A pop filter is not always required if the microphone is not too close to the mouth.
It is a sturdy microphone
Its stand is a little flimsy
It lacks a turn off button
Even after switching off your computer, the LED light does not go off

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the best between Audio Technica atr2500 and AT2020?

Answer; when it comes to cost and ease of use, the ATR2500 is marginally superior to the ATR2000. However, AT2020 offers higher sound quality and a wider variety of answers, and most studio sound editors agree that it works better for recordings than ATR2500 in most situations.


To be sure, the ATR2500 and the AT2020 are both excellent cardioid microphones, but they are not the same. Furthermore, they are both priced at or below $100, so even if they aren’t the best microphones ever created, they are still outstanding value for the money spent on them. It is only because it records better than the ATR2500 that we believe it is superior to the AT2020. It is truly independent of the environment in which it is used or tested.

ATR2500 is objectively cheaper, easier to operate, and more durable. However, AT2020 promises higher sound quality, a wider variety of responses, and studio sound editors prefer it over ATR2500. However, it would be difficult to determine the winner based on such slight variations.

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