How to Put a 4-Ohm Speaker in Place of a Bose Car Speaker

Speakers have different specifications for use at different places for the same purpose. Like in this case, we need to use the 4 ohms speakers, in place of a Bose speaker, and we know that a Bose speaker is a 2 ohms speaker.

The question here is how o you put a 4-ohm speaker in the car speaker such that you need to be keen with the resistance. Speaker impedance is one of the factors that people mistake and confused when taking out the processes, which can lead to some issues.

Below are some of the answers to the questions since they will provide the few things you need to know, which will be included in the table of contents, followed by the frequently asked questions and the conclusion.

How to put a 4-ohm speaker in place of a Bose speaker

How to Put a 4-Ohm Speaker in Place of a Bose Car Speaker

Most cars have the Bose speakers, which have 2 ohms, but still, they can handle the 4 ohms speakers since they have headunits and amplifiers that can still work with more impedance. The Bose car speakers are normally eight speakers in a car that when you need to use a 4 ohms speaker, it is part of replacing it. Check on the guide below for what you need for the process.

Thing needed when putting the speakers in place of a Bose speakers;

Method                                             Function 
Get the impedance of the speakers   using multimeters   to identify if they are compatible multimeter
Install the speakers after removing the old ones    helps fix the system  

Tools needed:

  • Philips screwdriver
  • Torx drivers and bits
  • Drill
  • Allen wrenches
  • Socket wrenches
  • Wirecutter

1. Choose the type of method you will use to fix the 4-ohm speaker

There are different methods of installing speakers; when you want to replace the speakers here, you need to get the best method or way you will employ for your actions. Consider checking your car and its speakers since it will show you the type of installation to use.

2. Fix  the dash speakers

To fix the dash speakers, first, consider removing the older Bose speakers by removing the grills which hold the speakers with screws using a screwdriver for easy removal. Apply some energy while unhooking the speaker since when it stays for long, it sticks on the board. You can use a panel tool to lift the grill easily.

After that, remove the old speakers and check the polarity of each terminal. Using the wiring harness, fix the new 4-ohm speaker since it is good in the installation process. If you choose to crimp the speakers, consider using tape to maintain the connection and use cable ties.

3. Fix the door speakers

Door speakers in a car are the major types of speakers when enhancing volume when listening to music. In this case, you need to gently remove the grill and the original car speaker. Remove the wiring harness with it by unplugging and fixing them to the new speaker, and then test the connections to ensure the speaker is working correctly.

4. Fix the rear speakers

Fix the rear speakers

Fixing speakers depend on the user’s experience and the type of car you are using. This is the step that requires several activities to be done. Let’s’ start:

i. Put off the battery since the car doors will keep open until installing the battery. Doing this requires you to disconnect the battery’s negative terminal that prevents an individual from draining the battery. It also prevents you from experiencing electrical shocks and others.

ii. Separate the new speakers by removing them from the box that should be two speakers inside there. You need to have speed clips, mounting screws, speaker wires, and the manual book that has instructions on what you need to do in the box.

iii. Disassemble the door since you need to fix the new speakers on different car parts. Remove the old speakers from the car that you need to remove the factory speakers according to the instructions you have in the manual book. You need to remove the window crank then the door cup in this step. Pull the door, slide the door panel up, and remove it.

iv. Remove the factory speaker using a screwdriver and then prep the crossovers. You need to prep the crossovers since the speaker systems use an external crossover to get the frequency bandwidth between the tweeter and the woofer.

v. Install the woofer now in the car. In this case, you need to use factory speaker screws for securing the mounting bracket to the factory opening.

vi. Install the tweeter using the flush angle mount to mount them since it is the best method. The only hard thing with the method is that it requires you to drill a hole on the door panel to hold the tweeter cup.

vii. Connect the tweeter and the woofer to complete the connection by connecting the crossovers. Consider using cable ties and wire ties to hold the wires within the system in order. After putting the connection into place, choose to put back the door like before by following the steps of opening them.Check Amazon on best cable ties.

How to get the impedance of a car before replacing the speakers

How to get the impedance of a car before replacing the speakers

Getting the impedance of a car before starting any process is crucial since it helps you know the type of speakers to use for replacement. You need to use a multimeter since it is an easier method. Below are the steps to follow:

a) Switch on the multimeter and set it to measure the resistance in Ohms on with a lower amount.

b) Disconnect all the speaker wires from the speaker to get accurate results

c) Hold the probes tightly.

d) Use the multimeter to get the reading which is always appropriate

e) Consider checking your speakers if they are either closed or not since you can measure then there is a crossover of some wires that can cause false readings


The article above has the steps you can employ when putting a 4 ohms speaker in place of a Bose speaker that you need to be keen about the replacement process. Kindly follow the steps above for an appropriate connection between them.

Consider getting the speaker’s resistance and the car to check if they are compatible. The process helps you get a successful connection and that you will not cause damages to some other parts. 

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