How to Reduce 8-Ohm Speaker Volume? – Easy Methods

A good speaker can produce a good volume at home that meets your desires when listening to music. However, the volume from the speaker becomes so bad that you will not find it good to listen to it. At this point, you need to find out the reason for the bad volume from the speaker.

Some of the reasons for this can be that the speaker is set to a higher volume that it cannot lower down to the sweet volume you need. Therefore, you need to find out what you should do to lower the noise from the speaker.

Below are some of the ways you can follow when lowering the volume, which is different, and each way has its methods of lowering the noise. then, at last, there are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion

How to reduce 8-ohm speaker volume

How to reduce 8-ohm speaker volume

When your speakers are very loud, it does not mean that there is something wrong with them, but the issue can be with the movement of the sound. In this case, you need to maintain the sound’s place and remove destruction in the house. Below are some of the methods you can follow to reduce the noises

Techniques to use when reduce speaker volume;

Methods to use 



Set aside a good environment for the speaker

  • controls volume

Add sound barriers to speakers  like tapes          

  • blocks speaker volume

gaffer tape, check the Amazon sizes for the best types and good sizes at an affordable price.

Use a sound proof backer box         

  • improves sound quality

a soundproof backer box

1. Set aside a good environment for the speaker

Set aside a good environment for the speaker

The number one thing you need to consider is setting aside a good environment for the speakers. The method helps control the speaker volume for a very long time without having such an issue again. When using this method, you need to consider having the idea of soundproofing and sound-absorbing.

Soundproofing helps in reducing the transmission of sound, while sound-absorbing helps absorb the echo inside a specific room. In his case, when you cover the whole room with acoustic foam, it will absorb the echo within the room. Soundproofing too should be done by installing materials that block the rooms’ walls.

2. Add sound barriers to the speakers

Add sound barriers to the speakers

The sound barriers are different types of things you will fix to prevent the speaker from producing high sound volumes. The sound barriers include anything that you can place in front of the speaker, but they also have disadvantages. The cons include that they can cause a fire outbreak; therefore, you should not leave the barriers in front of the speakers for a longer time.

Another issue with the barriers is that they are not pleasing since some of them destroy your environment with your arrangements in the house. However, they are not long-term solutions that you can easily remove in the house when you have a permanent solution. Below are some of the things you need to do:

  • Placing the speakers on soft surfaces

To reduce the speaker volume, consider placing it on any soft surface in the house such that you can place it on a soft carpet instead of placing it on any wooden surface. Soft surfaces reduce the volume by neutralizing the sound waves and vibrations.

  • Using tape

The types of tapes you can use are many, including plaster duct tape, painter’s tape, or gaffer tape that you fix on the speaker’s front panel to cover the sound. The only disadvantage with the method is that when you leave the tape for too long, then try to peel it; it will leave some pieces of glue on the speaker that are not appealing. The best type of tape to use here is the gaffer tape that you can get through the Amazon sites, which offer goods at an affordable price.

  • Use pillows or stuffy tools.

Consider adding pillows and soft toys in the speaker’s front panel since they prevent the loud volume from it too. Remember to choose the big ones to cover all the parts of the speaker. If you do not have the pillows, you can use rags or old towels since they perform the same function.

  • Use thick curtains on the wall or windows

Thick curtains on the wall or windows also act as a barrier that prevents the loud volume of sound from the speaker from spreading everywhere. However, the methods are not perfect work since, in some cases, they tend to fail in one way or the other. Check on thick curtains since they absorb the loud volume of sound from the speaker.

3. Use a soundproof backer box

Use a soundproof backer box

Choose to purchase a soundproof backer box since it protects the speakers and sounds from moving in some directions that you do not want. The soundproof is better for individuals who want to keep their speakers on the ceiling or walls. Soundproof backer boxes are found in shops, mostly retail, or consider checking Amazon sites for better soundproof backer boxes at affordable prices.

The box also improves the quality of sound from the speaker and minimizes the noise over the unwanted floors. The box has a moisture barrier that protects the speakers from getting any water that causes some damage. However, the box contains its disadvantages, such that it is ready-made, and then it does not have the customization options that you choose the best one, but instead, you need to pick that it can either fit you or not.


The article above has an idea of how to reduce speakers’ volume. The most recommended method to use here is the soundproof method that protects the speaker’s environment, but it is not the same as sound-absorbing. However, since soundproofing is the best, it is also the most expensive method to use that you can choose other methods to work with.

Therefore, please choose a method that you feel you can afford and work to its best to reduce the volume. Remember, loudspeakers do not show something wrong; instead, it is an issue with the resistors. You can choose to use several of the methods to achieve your goal.

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