Pioneer Plx-500 vs Audio Technica Lp120- Which Is the Best?

If you have a strong desire to choose, it indicates that you are passionate about something, and many people are confused between the pioneer plx-500 and the audio technica lp150. It is essential to choose one that suits your desires or your preferences perfectly.

So, what are the differences between pioneer plx-500 and the audio technical lp150? Don’t worry; some differences will help you choose the best device between the two. The two gadgets differ in terms of portability because one is significantly lighter than the other.

Fortunately, the article below compares the two turntables and includes a short comparison table. There are also parallels in the buying guides for the two devices and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finally, it answers FAQs about which of the two turntables is the best.

A quick comparison table between Pioneer Plx-500 vs. audio Technica lp120

ComparisonPioneer plx-500Audio Technica lp120
SpeedThe Play 7s and 10s.Plays 12 records.
Advanced featureshave rotation adjustment of around 8% and a pitch control knob.It comes with a pitch lock control and has rotation adjustment around 16 and =/-8%
TorqueIs about 1.6kg/cm.It is about 1.6kg/cm.
Phone cartridgeHas a VM cartridge.Has two magnet cartridge
PlatterIt has a firmer platterIts platter is slightly smooth.
MeasurementsMuch larger and weighs 23.5lbs.Smaller with the weight of 23.4ls

Differences between Pioneer Plx-500 and audio Technica lp120

pioneer plx-500 vs audio technica lp120

Even if the two devices perform similarly and have certain similarities, some differences distinguish them. The following are some of the differences:

  • Velocity

From one turntable to the next, the pace fluctuates. The Pioneer Plx-500, for example, can play audio from both 7s and 10s. It is more advisable because of this feature than the audio Technica, which only plays 12 records.

  • Advanced features are available

The pitch lock control on the Pioneer turntable rotates barely 8% of the time, even up and down. The pitch lock function on the audio Technica gadget allows the user to change the pitch between 16 and +/- 8%.

  • Platter

The platters are identical, but there is a minor difference. The platter on the Pioneer turntable is stiffer than the one on the Technica unit. The audio Technica gadget requires only 12 vinyl records, whereas the Pioneer device requires two, 10s, and 7s.

  • Cartridge for your audio

The Audio Technica lp120 comes with two magnet cartridges. The cartridge aligns itself together, and you can spin them at an angle of 45 degrees. The feature makes it unique from the pioneer turntable. Despite the magnet cartridge differentiating them, the two turntables have the VM cartridge.

  • Measurements

In terms of measurements, the two devices are not the same. The pioneer plx-500 is slightly larger and taller than the Technica lp 120. In terms of weight, the Pioneer turntable is 0.1 pounds heavier. Because of their small weight, they are easy to carry from one location to another, especially when DJs are using them.

Similarities between Pioneer Plx-500 and Audio Technica lp120

Similarities between Pioneer Plx-500 and Audio Technica lp120

Despite the two devices having some differences, there are some features they share, and they include the following;

  • Torque

The two turntables have the same torque, that is, 1.6kg/cm. When the torque is high, the two devices play fast and emit quality sound. When playing songs, ensure you maintain the torque above 1.0kg/cm.

  • Platter

The platter of the two turntables is of the same material. For instance, they both contain aluminum metal. The aluminum present makes them smooth to touch and easy to respond to when using them.

  • Portability

Both devices are light in weight. The soft weight feature makes them easily portable from one location to another. Both weigh almost the same as the pioneer weighs 0.1lbs more than the technica device.

  • Design and appearance

When you place both devices close to each other, they look similar hence challenging to differentiate. For instance, both have an aluminum platter at the center and slip math underneath. Also, they both have anti-skate control features that are essential in controlling pressure present.

  • Setup

Both devices have the same regular setup, and the control buttons are the same. The setup buttons include; start-stop button and pitch control that allows the user to adjust the speed changes when playing audio.

  • Dust cover

When it comes to the dust cover appearance, both devices are the same. The feature makes them differentiable. Therefore, it is essential to look at other features that may distinguish them, such as the two devices’ weight and size.

Pros Cons of audio Technica lp120

  • Light in weight.
  • High quality.
  • Good sound emission.
  • Plays only 12 records.

Pros Cons of pioneer plx-500

  • High quality.
  • Plays both 7s and 10s.
  • Advanced features.
  • A bit heavier.
  • Expensive.

The two turntables’ buying guides

The two turntables' buying guides

Before you buy one of the two turntables, read the buying tips below.

  • Creating a budget:

Both turntables are available at a range of price points to suit a wide range of budgets. After you’ve researched the best equipment and components for your needs, come up with a price. It is a way; you’ll be able to get a fantastic selection without going crazy.

  • Storage:

You’ll need enough space to store your new audio gear in a clean, secure, and long-lasting area. If you leave a turntable on the floor or somewhere else harmful, you risk damaging your investment and possibly the record on the platter.

  • Choose the abilities you’ll require:

Do you want to be able to use Bluetooth to connect your built-in record player? Tonearms: automatic or manual? Turntables are available in many different styles and models, each with its own set of features. Some attachments and skills are required, while others are not, so become acquainted with them and consider them.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the most recommended turntable among the two?

Among the Pioneer Plx-500 and Audio Technica lp120, the Pioneer Plx-500 is the most highly recommended. The two turntables are different in terms of where they are applicable. The pioneer is essential for Rekordbox software, while the Technica LP120 is necessary for DV systems and audio mixing.


If you want to understand everything there is to know about the two turntables, kindly read the summary above carefully. To determine if they meet your needs, be sure you grasp the differences and similarities. Consider the following variables before making a purchase decision.

First of all, before using or operating the turntables, always follow the manufacturer. If you’re like me and like to be hands-off, you may always seek professional help. Making quick local inquiries is always a good idea to ensure that someone knowledgeable about the area can help you if you need it. Follow the manufacturer’s directions as well.

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